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Skyline Development Corp. responds to clients’ needs with a high degree of dedication. The quality of our work has an enduring impact on both the day-to-day operations and long-term success of their business. Few choices facing an organization have a greater impact than the decisions surrounding the location, design, and building of a new facility.


At Skyline, it is our highest priority to keep clients fully informed so they can make choices that will best serve their needs now and into the future. We strive to make each project a team effort conducted in an atmosphere of honesty and openness so our clients can make informed choices regarding design and materials to obtain the best value.


Skyline Development History

Founded in 1954 by Allan Retzlaff, Skyline Development built multi-family homes in the Milwaukee area. Soon after, Skyline was developing large 200-unit apartment complexes. In the early 1970s, the company began to specialize in commercial, industrial, religious institutional construction, and land development.


Land development projects included the VIP Industrial Park located on 66 acres in the City of Milwaukee. This was followed by the Sussex Industrial Park in the 1980s, the Germantown Industrial Park in the 1990s, and Germantown Business Park, which is still in development.


For more than 60 years, Skyline has fostered many clients with the original building, numerous additions, and remodeling.


Skyline Philosophy


The motto at Skyline Development Corp. is that “We Build Lifetime Relationships.” The building design must meet the owner’s needs and help highlight the products that the building produces. We have the ability to design a building to meet a company’s product/service distribution flow. To accomplish client objectives, we take care of all concerns that surround each of our projects.


Skyline Process


At Skyline, the development of a project comprises the total project scope, as that is why the client is hiring our firm.


For example, when it comes to site selection, we assist in locating project sites that meet not only current client needs, but also future growth potential. We will make sure the property is large enough to accommodate expansion and that the building is situated in a way that future additions will make functional and aesthetic use of the land. Our research also provides information on zoning rules, covenants, and boundaries, plus assures that the site utilities, including wetland challenges and topography, are met early in the site selection process.


The Skyline team works closely with clients to determine building needs and requirements. We listen intently to understand your perspective to assure that the facility will accommodate your needs immediately and into the future. Plus our staff will guide you in selecting an interior that will add value and enhance your property’s appearance.


We also manage local and state project approvals, design professional selection, project budget development, lender and title company coordination, and HVAC, plumbing, and electrical designs.


As a design/build contractor, Skyline promotes teamwork among the project owner, consultants, engineers, and architects. We have found this method very successful in developing plans and specifications that meet project budgets and timelines. With our banking contacts and legal counsel, we can assist in financing options, including lease/purchase options, to best suit a client’s needs.


After designs are completed, we bid out the entire project to prequalified subcontractors that will adhere to the established project budgets. All these activities are completed prior to breaking ground on the project.


With a client’s occupancy requirements as the primary consideration, Skyline Development establishes and adheres to a construction schedule, which is closely monitored by a Project Manager and Site Supervisor. This ensures that the project meets all code, safety, and timeline requirements. Punch list items are quickly resolved so our client is able to fully enjoy and utilize the new facility or remodeled space.


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